So I’ve been slacking off a bit, summer vacations just started. Took a plane to Asia… Haven’t really been programming at all this week.

Man, no one reads these posts lol.

Anyways, this time, nothing to explain, no programming, just links…

… and stuff

Have you ever wondered what would the body cells would look like as an anime ? Well this is just an ONA of a manga series called Cells at Work!

I somehow came accross this song that apparently is in Cytus 5.0. It’s Vocaloid, sung by GUMI.
COMA by Ensou (deviantArt, Bandcamp):

Dunno why, but I find this cute and funny…
PokeStop dude by Louivi:

PokeStop by Louivi

Sooo…. A webcomic by the name of A Budgie’s Life on Webtoon by Muffin Girl (Twitter)

A Budgie's Life extract

There’s the Waiter rule that can be interesting to have a glimpse of…

The Waiter Rule refers to a common belief that one's true character can be gleaned from how one treats staff or service workers, such as a "waiter". The rule was one of William H Swanson's 33 Unwritten Rules of Management, copied from Dave Barry's version "If someone is nice to you but rude to the waiter, they are not a nice person."

I swear, yahiro’s art is sooo cute…

Untitled by yahiro

Wrapping up

And that’s it… I’m sorry, but nothing interesting happened…

Except Summer Games Done Quick, that was awesome