Apologies for always changing the post title, but I think I’m going to stick with this. I’ll manage to make jekyll understand the full ISO 8601 one day (I’ve been coming back to that Wikipedia page pretty often).

In other news, school ended for me ! That means more time- actually no, because I’m going to be suffering from the summer heat in Asia. I’ll be leaving, tomorrow, so that means I’m not going to be able to access the server physically, so if anything happens, I’m offline for two months (which is pretty bad).
That said, unless the router decides to fuck me up, it should be fine.


Unfortunately, I have too many choices today, so… should I make a playlist from now on (one that is saveable… oh wait, that’s possible with YouTube) ? Poll link

Anyways, here’s what I’ve chosen this week, a medley of songs by Mili (?) played by Rui ruii (If you like them, check them out on Twitter or Tumblr and YouTube obviously) :


Because why not have an entire section for this ? (eh)

I try to be a translator, even though my grasp on languages is not very good, so it comes to no surprise that tools are essential to me.
French has the tendency to be a bit strange when it comes to borrowed words, especially from English… (old rivalries I suppose ?) or I may be totally imagining it. So translating some words gets, awkward, expressions really, but that’s a translator’s job. However, if you want to translate certain words accurately, you either have to use neologisms, or periphrases. Well, the Quebec (had to look that up here) Office of the French Language has a translation dictionary ! The grand dictionnaire terminologique with an awesome URL.

That’s not the only problem with English to French stuff. You probably know of the QWERTY keyboard layout ? Well, there’s a very similar one for French called AZERTY where they swapped a few letters and decided that the symbols were going to go in very different places. But that means no accented uppercase vowels, and a ton of letters are some commonly used symbols are hard to read…
Ever heard of DVORAK ? Well BÉPO is the french equivalent (except less adopted). It would be great if there was a nequivalent for Workman or Norman…
Link to the website here

Completely unrelated, but ‘hold-ups’ or ‘thigh highs’are called ‘bas (autofixants)’ in French.


I was recently scanning things and complaining on how the scanner scanned in Letter size instead of A4 (damn you Americans with your terrible standards) so I came across NAPS2 for Windows, and it works like a charm ! Like, I would really recommend it to anyone that doesn’t have better scanning software on Windows. Here’s the official website.
Scanning still takes foreveeer.

To draw some kinds of graphs on Linux, you could use graphviz. I was looking into this (for two weeks now) for this terrible project idea I had : let’s draw an inclusion (?) diagram of SI units.
That took me a very long time to code but the final result, is satisfying at least.

Diagram of SI units Code is available here (it’s badly written) : GitHub link

Something that I was trying to accomplish was preventing multiple lines doing the same thing. checking it in code was made easuer thanks to vim’s regexp :


\ze seems to be the vim version of \z (I am probably wrong on this) The StackOverflow question goes into more details.

I got SSL working on the main website for two months ! (thanks Let’s encrypt). Though you can’t use the default port 443 (for some reason) so it’s port 8443.
Oh and this coincidence is pretty funny.


I don’t have much this week…

This reddit post, I find, is cute : link
And this one too : link

Wrapping up

Oh gosh, I have spent more than 40 minutes writing this single piece of post… (?) If the website goes down, you can still follow me on Twitter and Mastodon, links in the about page.

Until next time, have a pleasant day.