Ok, I’ll limit myself to one per week.

sasakure.UK - A Soliloquy of The Boy who Cried Wolf feat. Cana (Sotte Bosse) :


My tests are finally over !
That means more time to browse the internet and learn things… Or not.

I got decent grades (though dissapointing if you ask me) but, most importantly, I pass in MP*. Other than that, not much happened at all.

Except that it was so freaking hot here, above 30°C at home…

I don’t know how to name things anymore

Pokemon Go update

There was a Pokemon Go update (yes, it’s still alive) that introduced raids and a different type of gym system.
Essentially, they improved the game for newer players (which is good).

Official Annoucement

Before, to get a pokemon in a gym, you had to beat one of the guarding pokemons. However, since the game has been going on for a while, their CP (Compat Power, something that measures power) is in the 2000s while newer players have up to 1000 at best, and that’s after a while.
That meant that you couldn’t really interact with gyms at all because they were all too powerful.

But now, you only need to visit the gym to leave a pokemon to guard there. Which means that lower-level players will be able to intereact with gyms more, by defending them (even though they’ll get wiped out pretty quickly) or by supporting the other player’s pokemons by feeding them berries.

Raids are… raids, that’s pretty much it. I’ll still complain that they don’t tell the player what is the required level to participate in raid events…


I got a working php script for formatting poems like this one on GitHub. I might need to polish it a little bit more though.

Android apk location

I was trying to download a region locked game (something yuuki yuuna wa yuusha de aru), so I thought, why not make a mirror on Aptoide (which failed).

That lead to me wondering, where does Android store the apk files ? TL;DR here’s what you need to do :

  • get adb (from platform tools or something)
$ adb shell pm list packages
$ adb shell pm path
$ adb pull /data/app/

NB: $ is the most common prompt, # is used for root shells.


The dolly zoom is … just a notable video effect.


Wrapping up

I’m finding less and less things…
Anyways, have a nice day waves


Still need to deal with this one day…

Your Name + Bondage = this and this both by himitsu (Pixiv, Twitter)