The personal ramble

Here we are again, at the end of the week. This one was, a bit different from the others, essentially because of social stuff.

I had two weekly mock oral exams from last week rescheduled for this week, one of which I managed to postpone to next week. Though that still made 3 mock orals for this week, two of which were successive.
And after those, there was a competition I was supposed to attend with my group, but as the oral ran a bit late, we were late. And because of our terrible social skills, we didn’t tell the organiser immediately, so later when we finally came up to him, we got rejected.

At the end of the week, I attented a convention with a friend, called Epitanime on night hours. Interesting to see how things tone down and lean more towards games (to stay awake). Sadly, I didn’t get to see any circles (nighttime) but it was fun nevertheless.
See mastodon status for pics.

Oh, and extended weekends are always nice.

In other news, I finally got a mastodon ! (yay) That took forever huh. I’m

Torrent follow-up

Apparently, Tribler is work-in-progress protocol extending Bittorent to make it more anonymous.
It makes use of a Tor-like network and aims to be some kind of unkillable media sharing network.


When it comes to documenting C/C++ code, doxygen seems to be the de facto standard.
Fun fact : doxygen is pronounced Docs-ee-gen (/ˌdɑk’siːdʒɛn/ ?), see its FAQ.


I finally got around to write a decent .vimrc ! It’s over at GitHub.
I found Douglas Black’s post, thoughtbot’s vimrc and the Wikia’s example very useful.

It seems that mapping S-CR is hard.

Semi-colon games and word joiner

Several games were recently announced from Chiomaru Studio for the Nintendo Switch :

More info : Gamer (JP), Gematsu, Nintento Difference (FR).

That made me wonder if there was a way to prevent titles such as “Steins;⁠Gate” to be broken on the semi-colon.
Turns out there is : it’s the word joiner (WJ) code point in Unicode. U+2060 or easier typed into HTML as ⁠. From the latest Unicode charts :

Blog posts

GitLab wrote yet another one of those “How to contribute to open-source projects” blog. It’s kinda interesting.

A blog post about extracting Chinese subs got on the front page of HackerNews at some point.

Those sysadmins…

That’s a server room in Japan during the 3/11 earthquake :

From the reddit post :

Frequently looked-up information

Default minimum terminal size is generally 80x24 because of the VT100 terminal.

I kinda forgot that ISO 8601 also specified week format, for example 2017-W22 for this week.

tmux is handy, though syntax is a bit hard to remember at first…

I should probably add a Frequently Looked-Up Information (FLI) section to the main website…

Embedding media

Well, I tried to embed a mastodon status using some quickly made iframe. It just didn’t work… I wonder if there’s a script that would make it work…

Centering things is still a pain. For YouTube, I wrap the player in a div with a fixed width, and for Twitter, I just use CSS.


Online Databases

A conversation with a friend made me realise that apparently, not everyone knows of knowyourmeme, be it good or bad. It’s as it says on the tin, a meme database.

Another interesting website is Discogs which is a discography database. Similarly, there’s WhoSampled which deals with samples.

Hello Internet transcript

I listen to a podcast called Hello Internet which can be described as “two dudes talking”.
Well, a person called David Smith automated transcripts for it (blog post), and here’s the result : a searchable transcript.

Pretty pictures

Derived works

The cover for the album Vocalofantasy is pretty nice :

It’s made by 左 (Hidari) aka @lleftt on Twitter.

Here’s some Ib fanart by CrymsonFire.

I don’t actually know the character for this one, but PC_Volt drew this.

Gayer themes

I can’t believe that yuri actually brightened my mood :

Their Instagrams : ai_rika and pantyshotapproved.

You can make everything gay with the right frame of mind ;) Here’s two female athletes falling.

Would you ship Macron x Trudeau ?

Media ?

Some kind of cute Hanyuu music video :

NSFW (please pretend to skip this part if under 18)

There’s this mesmerising gif of fellatio…

For those who live in terminal emulators, here’s asscii.

And this pic by おちゃたん of Asashio from Kancolle.
Might transcribe whatever is written…

Did you know that fishnet stockings were called “bas résille” in French ?

Slightly less explicit, is this comment from Reddit :

Not sure if I should make this section a thing…

Wrapping things up

A wc on this file gave this :

 180  926 9247 _source/_posts/

Most of the characters are probably the embeds, but still…

Well, this was rather tiring to write…

Anyways, have a nice day ! waves